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100 Days on display

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View the Imagination Levitation project here

A creative marathon on this scale is worthy of a celebration with this pop-up exhibition, giving participants the opportunity to display the projects they have poured their heart and soul into. It’s a visual feast that’s not to be missed!

25-26 Feb 2017
Thievery Studios, Auckland


Why do the 100 Days Project?

Here’s some insight from the artist card I submitted with my project:

Project Title:

Imagination Levitation by Alissa Smith

Project Description:

Creatively defying gravity – 100 days of dedication, exploration, joy, perseverance, laughter and bruises.

What is it about the project that appealed to you?

This was my second 100 Days Project. The first one was 2014 where I did 100 days of yoga poses in ordinary and extraordinary places. I didn’t want to repeat what I did last time, so for 2016 my focus was on defying gravity through ‘levitation’, inversions, climbing, hanging, balancing, jumping, and more! The appeal is in the self-driven commitment for a 100 day period, challenging myself creatively, and having a wonderful story to share at the end.

What changes (if any) has the project helped bring about for you?

It has helped me to worry less about what others think, when I’m in a creative process (see two questions ahead…). It can be really challenging to find freedom in your art in a public space.

Best thing/s about 100 Days:

Seeing the completed project in its entirety, but also the memories/stories wrapped up in each individual day.

Worst thing/s about 100 Days:

It’s pretty embarrassing being out in public and randomly jumping around. It’s amazing how far the words “it’s for a project” will get you!

Can you share a moment of insight (about the creative process, or something personal about your experience of the project)?

To be honest, I don’t love every photo and there are some that I cringe at. But it’s all part of the greater picture – the highs and the lows (so to speak!). There were some pictures that took me a really long time to capture, which was frustrating and tiresome. I’d get pretty grumpy but would always be smiling again when I felt I had ‘achieved’ that day.

What was a favourite day or moment?

Day 95 (in the bubble) was one I’d been most looking forward to doing, and I was happy with how it turned out. It also proved to be one of the most popular photos. It was surprisingly easy as I just did a series of jumps in different positions then overlaid the bubble in photoshop (if you were thinking it was real, I’m sorry to burst your bubble! 😉 )

How many times did you consider giving up?

Only about once this time… many times in the 2014 one!

If you could pass on one piece of advice to someone considering doing the project it would be:

It may seem daunting but don’t give up! It’s so worth the feeling of accomplishment at the end. Don’t try to achieve ‘perfection’ each day, it is all part of the 100 Days journey. You will have a rich story by the end!

Number of days out of 100 completed:



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