My yoga teacher training experiences

//My yoga teacher training experiences

My yoga teacher training experiences

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In 2016, I pursued one of my greatest passions with yoga teacher training.

I was first introduced to yoga in 2002 and it shaped my life positively in many ways. Physically, mentally, philosophically. Initially, yoga satisfied a need for self-expression and a results-driven practice that built physical strength and flexibility. Over time, this developed to cultivate mental strength and flexibility. As my understanding of the practice expanded, yoga invited me to become more introspective and to contemplate my beliefs and values.

Les Mills BODYBALANCE was my first love, and in 2014 – after 12 years of dedicated practice – I certified as an instructor. This has lead to many joyful experiences and accomplishments that I had never thought I could achieve.

After a full-time career in graphic design, I now had a whole new world of opportunity in front of me. I’d enjoyed – and continue to enjoy – my work as a graphic artist. But I was now able to be of service to people in a more meaningful and gratifying way.

In 2015 I explored kids yoga teaching and certified in Rainbow Kids Yoga with a 3-day training workshop. Working with Yogi Kids, teaching children was loads of fun and extremely rewarding. However, as much as I enjoyed this mini-clientele, I begin to gravitate more towards teaching to my peers. In particular, those in the corporate world with whom I could relate to.

This brought me to my yoga teacher training.

I completed a 200-hour course with Contemporary Yoga Teacher Training in Auckland. It was held over two 9-day intensive periods. The course was facilitated by four inspiring and greatly knowledgeable individuals – Karla Brodie, Neal Goshal, Dyana Wells, and Vincent Bolletta.

“Dive into the foundations of anatomy, alignment and movement in a way that is safe, stable, easeful and empowering with a faculty of passionate, experienced and inspiring teachers. With every breath and movement, you’ll be supported to find your own feet, resource strength from within, and give voice to the passion that calls you to share.” View website

My intention was to certify as a yoga teacher – literally, to gain a certificate that enabled me to officially teach yoga. But I was unprepared for the depths and horizons to which this training would take me. The training was an excellent foundation to learn about anatomy and physiology. The history of yoga, pranas, asanas, sutras. Breath and movement, meditation, sequences, practical application. Much, much more. Full immersion in the course over an intensive timeframe generated a team bond with the teachers and other trainees. This also created a supportive and encouraging environment.

I hadn’t anticipated how much I would learn about myself in the process. I dug deep and explored my own stories, beliefs and true intentions. This is what has now enabled me to teach with authenticity, purpose and intention.

Contemporary Yoga Teacher Training

Learning with Contemporary Yoga Teacher Training meant that I wasn’t confined to one strand of yoga teaching. Instead, it delivered a broad understanding which could then be channelled into a specific offering. My love has always been in a flow style of yoga. This has now lead to more functional training and mobility work.

In 2017 I trained further with Vincent Bolletta in a Hansa Flow training module. “Hañsa yoga is a unique and contemporary training process that creatively engages movement practices and yogic philosophy and thought to develop deeper observational abilities.” This has had an influence on my current teaching style. I have developed sequences that explore intuitive movements with practical application. My main intention is to support daily function for everyday people.

There are many greatly skilled teachers out there offering yoga teacher training courses.

If you have any interest in a yoga teacher training course, I’d love to share my experiences with you.  I can connect you with the wonderful people and resources I’ve encountered in my ongoing journey. One single ‘certification’ may not get you to where you want to be, but on this fulfilling adventure, many parts make a whole.


  1. Neal Ghoshal July 31, 2018 at 11:44 am - Reply

    Namaste Alissa – I love what you have written here about your personal journey with Yoga and teaching. It’s been brilliant to see what you are up to, your passion, watch your sequencing – inspiring. So glad that you came on our training too. Gratitude 🙂

    • Wonder Yoga July 31, 2018 at 11:57 am - Reply

      Thank you for your kind words Neal, and for your ongoing encouragement. I’m fortunate to have had such wonderful guides as yourself. Namaste 🙏☺️

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