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Word count vs completion goal

2019-01-27T22:08:09+00:00 27 January 2019|Play, Self-development|

Novel progress! I set a target of a 50,000 word count, thinking that it was barely achievable for me. In three months I’ve reached halfway to the target but the story is only just beginning. I will be moving the goalposts for sure. 

The word count is no longer the goal. My novel will be a completion goal.

The genre is mainstream fiction, centred around an individual and his relationships with interesting peripheral characters. It’s set mostly in the 20th century and based in New Zealand.

It’s really exciting for me to see how this story develops. I’ve outlined the entire book from start to finish, but the characters are revealing themselves to me on a journey of their own.

I’m loving creative writing more than I ever thought I would. I can’t get the story down fast enough. I am currently exploring emotions from a totally different perspective, through the lens of the main character:

Compassion, fear, belonging, loss, joy, anxiety. 

I generally like to align with a theme of the year, or goals that are measurable (hence the word count) but, for this novel, it’s more important to me to reach completion and tell the story that is in my heart. Thank you for the support and encouragement I have received so far. I can’t wait for you all to read my book!

To anyone that is considering taking on a creative venture, or is limited by their own beliefs, please, just START. You might surprise yourself.

I’m using the writing app Ulysses for Mac to write my novel. It’s great for managing multiple chapters/parts. The UI is easy to view for free-flow writing. There are many features and tools for sorting and formatting text, as well as tracking stats. I have also been able to manage a large amount of research, resources and notes within the app for super-quick reference.

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