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Christmas yoga sequence

Here's a fun Christmas yoga sequence... Meet the happy elf and the lazy elf, stack Christmas gifts, then take a sleigh ride with downward-facing reindeer! This festive yoga flow sequence can be used as an energetic warmup, or take your time for a slow flow.

2018-11-28T15:33:05+00:00 28 November 2018|Events, Yoga|

Encouragement times 5000

As I hit the 5,000 word mark in my novel, I’m thinking about what got me to this point: Encouragement. Once again I’ve immersed myself in something where I have NO idea where I’m going, NO idea how to get there, and probably NO business even going there. And, I’m loving it.

2018-11-12T23:10:08+00:00 12 November 2018|Feels, Living, Self-development|

The appeal of seated cat-cow 🧘‍♀️

The other day I was teaching this seated cat-cow in a yoga class at the gym. There was a woman walking down the corridor past the studio. She stopped to watch us for a bit, then joined in. I love that THIS is what was appealing to her. Not some fancy yoga poses or playful flow sequences. THIS.

2018-11-07T11:00:50+00:00 7 November 2018|Yoga|

Do we HAVE time or can we MAKE time?

We’ve all said it: “I don’t have time”. Yet when the unexpected happens – disaster strikes or an advantageous opportunity comes along – the schedule instantly opens up, and our time and attention is redirected to this new task. Do we HAVE time, or can we MAKE time?

2018-11-01T08:17:15+00:00 31 October 2018|Living, Self-development|

Eco-conscious behavioural changes

Here are nine small eco-conscious behavioural changes I’ve made in my world over the last few years, as a minor contribution to the health of the greater world. These aren’t revolutionary new ideas, just some small commitments to regular habits. Let’s share ideas and support each other to make small, conscientious changes.

2018-08-16T08:48:48+00:00 15 August 2018|Living, World|

Flow Yoga Sequence

This is a new flow sequence that I'm experimenting with in my classes. I recorded the full sequence (with peak poses – can be modified to suit) for reference, and I'd love to know what you think!

2018-08-02T22:01:11+00:00 2 August 2018|Yoga|

Empathy for your future self

How do you visualise your future self? The same iteration of your current self, transported six hours/days/years into the future? Or a wiser, much-improved version of the today-you? Consider being empathetic towards your unpredictable future self.

2018-08-07T13:37:26+00:00 25 July 2018|Living, Self-development|

My yoga teacher training experiences

In 2016, I decided to pursue one of my greatest passions with yoga teacher training. Initially, my yoga practice was results-driven, building physical strength and flexibility. Over time, this developed into cultivating mental strength and flexibility. As my understanding of the practice expanded, yoga invited me to become more introspective and contemplate my beliefs and values.

2018-07-27T11:59:55+00:00 20 July 2018|Training|

That niggly old Sacroiliac joint

Recently I've been exploring the cause and effects of Sacroiliac joint dysfunction, and postural instability causing pain/discomfort in the long term. Since teaching yoga I've seen many participants suffer with “lower back” or “hip” pain, which upon further investigation has revealed aggravation in the SI joint.

2018-07-30T00:36:01+00:00 19 June 2018|Body, Self practice, Yoga|

Music playlists for yoga

Here are some playlists for yoga that I like to have in the background of my yoga classes. The music is arranged to complement the energy level of the class. I've found that background music also adds a sensory element to help anchor the 'monkey mind'. Many have queried the tracks, so I've compiled some of my yoga playlists in Spotify.

2018-08-16T09:04:19+00:00 19 June 2018|Music|

Moving through 2018 with EASE

Instead of setting goals at the start of each year, I prefer to choose a word (or three) to be my theme for the year. I can then revisit at regular intervals throughout the year to ensure my actions and intentions are aligned with this theme. This year, my main focus word has been “EASE”.

2018-07-30T00:33:18+00:00 18 June 2018|Living, Self practice|

100 Days on display

A creative marathon on this scale is worthy of a celebration with this pop-up exhibition, giving participants the opportunity to display the projects they have poured their heart and soul into. It's a visual feast that's not to be missed! (February 2017)

2018-06-19T10:57:38+00:00 21 February 2017|Events, Play|

Being present and productive – Interview

I was honoured to be a guest on The Productive Woman podcast with Laura McClellan, discussing how I harmonise between my freelance graphic design work and my yoga teaching. The main theme was about being really present and mindful in whatever you are doing in that moment. Multi-tasking is so 1990s!

2018-08-16T09:34:07+00:00 11 January 2017|Living|

Love is out there

2016 has been a significant year, with events that have had a global impact and shaped our future. Take time out to look beyond the mayhem, disappointment, anger and confusion. Seek the good in the world, celebrate the wins, connect with kindness, and make time to play!

2018-08-16T08:58:41+00:00 20 December 2016|World|

100 Days of Defying Gravity

In 2014 I explored yoga poses in ordinary and extraordinary places. 2016 was about "creatively defy gravity". Here is 'Imagination Levitation' – 100 photos of dedication, exploration, joy, perseverance, laughter and bruises.

2018-07-30T00:31:43+00:00 10 December 2016|Play|