Writing vlog – Project King overview

This writing vlog is an overview of how I have progressed with my first fiction novel! It's an insight into how I've structured my story's multi-decade timeline and the research required. Also, observe how I disguise my terribly slow typing skills with 900x video speed.

2019-09-29T22:06:43+13:0023 September 2019|Writing Stuff|

Christmas yoga sequence

Here's a fun Christmas yoga sequence... Meet the happy elf and the lazy elf, stack Christmas gifts, then take a sleigh ride with downward-facing reindeer! This festive yoga flow sequence can be used as an energetic warmup, or take your time for a slow flow.

2019-04-17T23:03:25+12:0028 November 2018|Entertainment, Events, Sequences|

Eco-conscious behavioural changes

Here are nine small eco-conscious behavioural changes I’ve made in my world over the last few years, as a minor contribution to the health of the greater world. These aren’t revolutionary new ideas, just some small commitments to regular habits. Let’s share ideas and support each other to make small, conscientious changes.

2019-04-17T23:05:33+12:0015 August 2018|Nature, Self-development, Society|