Encouragement times 5000

As I hit the 5,000 word mark in my novel, I’m thinking about what got me to this point: Encouragement. Once again I’ve immersed myself in something where I have NO idea where I’m going, NO idea how to get there, and probably NO business even going there. And, I’m loving it.

2018-11-12T23:10:08+00:00 12 November 2018|Feels, Living, Self-development|

Do we HAVE time or can we MAKE time?

We’ve all said it: “I don’t have time”. Yet when the unexpected happens – disaster strikes or an advantageous opportunity comes along – the schedule instantly opens up, and our time and attention is redirected to this new task. Do we HAVE time, or can we MAKE time?

2019-01-08T19:12:56+00:00 31 October 2018|Living, Self-development|

Empathy for your future self

How do you visualise your future self? The same iteration of your current self, transported six hours/days/years into the future? Or a wiser, much-improved version of the today-you? Consider being empathetic towards your unpredictable future self.

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