Christmas yoga sequence

Here's a fun Christmas yoga sequence... Meet the happy elf and the lazy elf, stack Christmas gifts, then take a sleigh ride with downward-facing reindeer! This festive yoga flow sequence can be used as an energetic warmup, or take your time for a slow flow.

2019-01-08T20:36:41+13:00 28 November 2018|Events, Yoga|

The appeal of seated cat-cow

The other day I was teaching this seated cat-cow in a yoga class at the gym. There was a woman walking down the corridor past the studio. She stopped to watch us for a bit, then joined in. I love that THIS is what was appealing to her. Not some fancy yoga poses or playful flow sequences. THIS.

2019-01-11T22:09:45+13:00 7 November 2018|Yoga|

Flow Yoga Sequence

This is a new flow sequence that I'm experimenting with in my classes. I recorded the full sequence (with peak poses – can be modified to suit) for reference, and I'd love to know what you think!

2019-01-08T19:33:26+13:00 2 August 2018|Yoga|

That niggly old Sacroiliac joint

Recently I've been exploring the cause and effects of Sacroiliac joint dysfunction, and postural instability causing pain/discomfort in the long term. Since teaching yoga I've seen many participants suffer with “lower back” or “hip” pain, which upon further investigation has revealed aggravation in the SI joint.

2019-01-08T19:56:57+13:00 19 June 2018|Body, Self practice, Yoga|