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Corporate workplace yoga

Workplace yoga is becoming a lot more popular in businesses – big and small. With the implementation of wellness programmes, organisations are giving more attention to the physical and mental wellbeing of staff and managers.

After a full-time career in graphic design, Alissa can understand the effects a sedentary desk job has on the physical body and mind state. Having now found harmony between both jobs, she is sharing her knowledge and experience with the corporate world and those who are in need of better balance in their lives. Classes are tailored around the needs of the participants, including contemporary flow yoga, postures that challenge but are accessible to all, and conclude with a short mindful meditation.

Sessions are typically held in a lunchbreak, outside the office but nearby – either in a private space onsite if one is available, or outdoors in a public area. In an outdoor setting, parks with shady trees are ideal and have the added benefit of connecting with nature to refresh and invigorate the senses. Once a suitable timeslot has been arranged, classes are booked in blocks to encourage consistent attendance, which allows for overall progress and a sense of accomplishment.

Workplace yoga is a great way to break up the workday, and participants have claimed to be a lot more productive and less stressed when returning to work. It’s also a good way to bond with colleagues in a relaxed and supportive environment.

Contact Alissa if you’d like to know more or to arrange sessions for your team.

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